Love & Passion Attraction Tea

Love & Passion Attraction Tea
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Product Description

This special love potion tea is a powerful blend of thirteen herbs, spices, flowers and black tea; elements that have been used throughout history in magical rituals and in folklore potions to attract passion, companionship and love.

Warm, sensual vanilla is used to attract love and increase attractiveness to others. Vanilla was considered the most powerful aphrodisiac in ancient Aztec culture. Spicy ginger root, also an aphrodisiac, is believed to arouse the interest of lovers. The red rose, a universal symbol of love is used to attract deep passionate love, and the tart hibiscus flower is used to attract love and lust and is known as a powerful aphrodisiac. Pomegranate is symbolic of fertility, abundance and marriage and has powers of seduction. Spicy hot cinnamon, cloves and basil are used to attract passion and French lavender is known as a powerful force for attracting love and ensuring fidelity. Lemon adds an element of purity to love spells and rosemary is used to bind lovers together for a happily ever after.

*2 oz. makes 30-40 8 oz. cups