Money & Luck Attraction Tea

Money & Luck Attraction Tea

Product Description

This special potion tea is a powerful blend of thirteen herbs, spices, flowers and black tea; elements that have been used throughout history in magical rituals and in folklore to attract money, wealth and good luck.

Spicy cinnamon is believed to attract cash quickly and sweet spearmint is used to attract and protect wealth. Earthy clover and pungent sage are employed in this blend to ensure good fortune and good luck in one’s endeavors. Fragrant jasmine has been used throughout history to attract money and wisdom, and was added as a powerful money-attracting magnet. Allspice has long been used to bring immense wealth and spicy ginger to attract abundance and success. Pungent cloves ensure a bountiful harvest and orange is a symbol of abundance used to attract wealth. Red rose petals are used to bring luck and, raspberry leaf, which symbolizes protection, was added to this blend to protect wealth and prosperity, as the thorny vines of the plant protect the fruit. The black tea itself, which was once pressed into bricks and used as currency in the Orient and in Russia, is a truly drinkable symbol of prosperity, rounding off this deliciously powerful potion.

*2 oz makes 30-40 8 oz. cups.