Stinging Nettle Herbal Tea

Stinging Nettle Herbal Tea

Product Description

Our 100% pure stinging nettle leaf tea is believed to help with many ailments including the common cold, arthritis pain, diabetes, asthma, and kidney stones. Nettle also is said to promote lactation, ease menstrual cramps, lessen nausea and boost the immune system. 2 oz. bag makes 50 cups. Here's a recent article on the benefits of nettle tea:

29 Nettle Tea Benefits: Sipping on Nettle Tea for Better Health by Christina Sarich

Natural Society, 29 July 2013

Milarepa, the Tibetan saint, was said to have lived on nothing but nettle for decades of meditation. Yet another weed that most of us pull and throw out, like dandelions, nettle is a wonderful health-boosting herb that should never be doused with weed-killer, but plucked and dried to make into an herbal panacea that could make the local pharmacy go bankrupt. Nettle, from the flowering plant genus Urtica in the family Urticaceae, has so many health benefits they can hardly fit into this small space.

Stinging nettle is: diuretic, astringent, pectoral, anodyne, tonic, rubefacient, styptic, anthelmintic, nutritive, hermetic, anti-rheumatic, anti-allergenic, decongestant, expectorant, anti-spasmodic, and anti-histamine, antilithic/lithotrophic, herpetic, galactagogue, and an anti-histamine.

29 Nettle Tea Benefits

To give you an idea of just how powerful this singular plant has the potential to treat the following ailments:  Nettle stimulates the lymph system to boost immunity  Nettle relieves arthritis symptoms  Nettle promotes a release from uric acid from joints  Helps to support the adrenals  It helps with diabetes mellitus  Strengthens the fetus in pregnant women  Promotes milk production in lactating women  Relieves menopausal symptoms  Helps with menstrual cramps and bloating  Helps break down kidney stones  Reduces hypertension  Helps with respiratory tract disease  Supports the kidneys  Helps asthma sufferers  Stops bleeding  Reduces inflammation  Reduces incident of prostrate cancer  Minimizes skin problems  Eliminates allergic rhinitis  Lessens nausea  Cures the common cold  Helps with osteoarthritis  Alleviates diarrhea  Helps with gastrointestinal disease, IBS and constipation  Reduces gingivitis and prevents plaque when used as a mouth wash  Has been shown to be helpful in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease  Reduces neurological disorders like MS, ALS and sciatica  Destroys intestinal worms or parasites  Supports the endocrine health by helping the thyroid, spleen and pancreas

You can brew stinging nettle leaves in almost boiling water and drink daily as a curative to all these ailments. Just be sure to check with your doctor since nettle can interfere with certain pharmaceuticals. Enjoy nettle tea benefits today!